Art Evaluation (Year10)

Topics: Drawing, Painting, Pencil Pages: 3 (1158 words) Published: April 17, 2005
Art book evaluation
(Year 10)

This year we have been studying natural forms, this has involved using many new and different materials and techniques. Firstly we started by looking at art by Georgia O'keefe who mainly painted abstract flowers this was a new style for me as I have never tried drawing in abstract style before, after this we did two paintings in acrylics one of shells and one piece of corn and around the edge of the paintings I then collaged in the background. This was a new way of doing backgrounds for me, as I have never tried using painting and colaging together. We have also tried a picture of natural objects with pastels then used chalk to make a grey background. I didn't really like the results of the chalk background because it was so dull. Then we did a picture of fruits in pencils and shaded them this piece was very similar to the pictures I made of fruits later in my book one in watercolour pencils and one I collaged. I was very pleased with my picture in watercolour pencils but the collage didn't turn out to well. After this I made a page of leaves drawn in 2 styles two in pencils and two in rubbings. I was pleased with the leaves done in pencil but the rubbings didn't look that nice as you can only get a single colour and no shading. Next continuing with the vegetation theme I made a picture of Monet's water lilies. I was pleased with this as it allowed me to experiment with pastels and enabled me to create a strong colourful picture. Next we made a copy of a picture of Jesus on the cross in acrylic this painting was done by Gauguin. This enabled me to experiment with a new style of painting with its simple lines and bright colours. The next piece of art is the piece that I'm happiest with out of my entire book. It was a copy of a print of black and white natural objects shaded with dots and lines. This was a completely new style of shading for me and it is one that I like a lot. Then I started developing my final art piece for the...
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