Art Culture

Topics: Sociology, Culture, Modern art Pages: 3 (1093 words) Published: April 10, 2013
Artworks shape the way we understand culture

With reference to this statement explain how artists raise awareness of economic, political or social issues.

It is true that artworks shape the way the audience interprets and apprehends culture. A diverse of economic, political and social issues are explored by artists through the use of mediums and techniques to capture the cultural values and to raise the awareness of the audience. Historical and modern artists such as Tom Roberts, Felix Nussbaum and Ah Xian continually investigate the ideas of the evolution of culture as their artworks are hugely influenced by their context. With the developing technology, changing values and increasing multiculturalism, artworks still consists some sense of the artists’ culture and heritage. Thus, artworks form the approaches the audience have on the understanding of culture.

By capturing the landscape and conveying issues through subject matters in artworks, enables the reader to identify the implicated impression of the culture. Tom Roberts, Bailed Up 1895-1927 depicts the Australian bush using the impressionist principles to capture the light, atmosphere and colour of the Australian bush landscape ad sky in the 1900’s. By using the ‘plein air’ style which was taught at his school, he was also closely tied to an emerging Australian nationalism which saw the acceptance of Australian scenes and people as suitable subjects for art practice. Artists depicted Australia in a rather English way, with muted tone and soft light and captured the bushrangers. Barry Pearce, curator, says, “It’s magic stillness, it’s timelessness, it’s sense of being an old country but also the sense of we’re discovering something new at the same time,” Thus, this painting represents the rural areas of Australia as it shows Australian bushrangers holding up a Government mail tation was the gold being sent out to the coast, hence a vivid representation of Australian culture in the artwork. There...
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