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Topics: Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, Joseph Estrada, Philippines Pages: 2 (1218 words) Published: October 25, 2014
Saira Nicole O. Raymundo HU 101 sec 6 ART CRITIQUE
The moment I entered the gallery of Women's Art I really felt something different.. because it was cold, I really liked that temperature because it is very hot outside. Upon entering a smiling guard came to us and lectured us some rules to follow while visiting the gallery. I was really proud of my gender because of the works I saw. All the works are displayed properly and it was obvious that they are well taken care off. Each painting has its own meaning that amuses me, because they were deep and has an interesting message when you put your heart while examining. There is one work there that caught my eye, It caught my attention because the painting shows a woman wearing a uncommon gown, the Philippine flag. I really like clothing and different styles of it that’s why I chose that painting to be my topic.The painting is titled "Tagapangalaga ng kapuluan" by Jade Navarro Bengco, she used water color on paper as her medium that gives the painting an amazing effect.The painting shows the full appearance of a woman in the center, she has an angelic face. She has wings at her back that is rainbow colored, and wears a flowers crown full of white flowers with green leaves around her head. The red part of her Philippine flag gown has flower details while the blue part that symbolizes peace has island details. The red and blue colors are in her skirt while the sun with eight rays and the three stars are in the upper part of the gown which is in her chest up to waist.She maybe called the "tagapangalaga" because she is an angel and she wears the flag of our country so I had a conclusion that the kapuluan in the title is referring to the country of Philippines.It shows the culture of filipinos that women are also brave, they can guard an island without fears but only strength. It also gives this image of a...
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