Art, Craft and Design

Topics: Graphic design, Design, Critical thinking Pages: 2 (538 words) Published: April 5, 2012
1. Art, Craft and Design
Choose an object that will allow you to explore the definitions and categorical boundaries or art craft and design •Think about the differences between art, craft and design •Read about this area of debate

Where does this object fit? Is it art, craft or design? Or a mixture? •Who designed it? Does this have a bearing on whether you think of it as art, craft or design? •How was it made? Does this have a bearing on how it is categorised? •How did the object fit into contemporary conceptions of art, craft and design? Example: 1. A printed or woven textile designed by William Morris. To answer the question satisfactorily, you would need to read about Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement. 2. A poster designed by Toulouse Lautrec. To answer this question satisfactorily you would have to read about the development of posters and lithography in the late 19th century. Many of the questions you ask about your chosen object will be similar to questions you will consider when you are making your own objects of art or design. This task is designed to develop key skills for your art and design education, such as: * your observation skills: selecting an appropriate object, looking closely at the object and its surroundings, describing key design/artistic qualities of the object as relevant to the mini-essay * your research skills: gathering relevant and detailed information about your object, to aid your understanding of the object and to ensure that it is relevant to your chosen theme; wide reading about the area of debate that you are examining; finding relevant images. The more you can find out about your object and the deeper your understanding of the area of debate you have chosen, the better your essay will be. You MUST demonstrate how your research has helped you to think deeply about your object by using quotations and references and by using carefully referenced pictures. A bibliography, listing all the books, internet...
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