Art Comparison Analysis

Topics: Gender, Gender role, Masculinity Pages: 2 (539 words) Published: November 26, 2012
Holloway, Enejor
Art Appreciation- James
November 2012

Visual Analysis

13.9 Peter Paul Rubens The abduction of the Daughters of Leucippus is a European painting, involving sexual erotica and cultural indication of masculinity and femininity. The painting’s imagery consists of blue skies, shimmering and a variety of textures to add to the rich surface and the sensual color harmonies. All figures are placed in a diamond shape, suggesting ongoing movement. On the left, dark tones act as a foil to the lighter areas in the center. Textures such as armor, satin, flesh, and hair, are all painted in a significant way. The painting specifies what was considered masculine and feminine in Flanders, 1617, and the type of roles women and men played, which is where the texture and elements of the painting become important because of the way the women is painted in the piece, she is displayed as voluptuous, soft and fleshy looking which was considered sexually attractive and a sign of health and wealth. The statement: The battle of the sexes is a necessity of nature, is a statement of symbolism associated with this painting The women were a lot more pale than the men of this time hinting that they probably stayed indoors and the men on the other hand who mainly participated in outdoor activity were darker skinned, also muscular. The painting illustrates, through the figure’s positioning, that women learned to be helpless, which is why in the painting they are sort of throwing their arms up in a surrendering manner, not really showing much resistance to them men who display expressions of determination and unemotional.

13.10 Jacques-Louis David Oath of the Horatii is a painting, created in France 1784, that represents and expresses early history of ancient Rome in which three brothers vow to represent the Roman Army, Their duty and vow to the army characterizes qualities of courage and patriotism, which in early ancient Rome, and early history as whole, was a...
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