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Topics: Cubism, Henri Matisse, Fauvism Pages: 3 (639 words) Published: June 20, 2013
Emilia Tytro



Break on through….to Modernism

Post-Impressionism: Cezanne, van Gogh, Seurat


Starry Night by Van Gogh date 1889

I chose Starry Night not only because it is my all time favorite painting since I was a kid but the movement and all the darkness behind it. It captivated me when I was seven years old and to this day I can’t get eyes off this painting. This painting uses a nighttime scene with trees; stars to have the audience feel comfort. Line maintains the basic form. In the texture it has heavy brushstrokes; it also creates contrast through the texture. He uses color for emotion and to create balance. The bright yellow of the stars and moon repeat, creating rhythm and balance in the composition. From other artist he has learned how to express himself through his artwork and through his paintings he has inspired many to be bold and throw all your emotion into the painting don’t hold back.

Cezanne Femme au Chapeau Vert (Woman in a Green Hat. Madame Cézanne.) 1894–1895

I chose this painting because it is simple but so elegant at the same time. He uses lines that are straight and this painting you see contrast from dark to bright. This is a realistic painting of a women sitting. He was inspired by Picasso and Matisse because of the way they used color and were so unique. Cezanne inspired others to be open to simplest things to paint and not to be afraid to experiment.

Seurat a Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte, 1884–1885,

He used powerful brushstrokes and to create this painting he did it in dots. He used bright vibrant colors to make it stand out. He inspired others to step out of the box and create new things that didn’t have to do with only lines.

Fauvism: Matisse, Derain, Dufy,

Matisse Madame Matisse the green line

He was brilliant at using colors and to make a painting stick out and that is what he did with this one. He was great at taking something simple...
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