Art Appreciation - 4

Topics: Art, Aesthetics, Appreciation Pages: 2 (504 words) Published: August 20, 2012
Art Appreciation

1.What significant contributions do you consider that Art Appreciation can give in your course/ field of studies? The significant contribution of Art Appreciation on my field which is Environmental and Sanitary engineering is that it challenges us to think creatively in any way, to have imagination and the desire and spirit to be free. Understanding the strategies applied to creating art can be applied to the engineering designs of both structures and products that are aesthetically pleasing, yet functional. Knowledge of the arts will develop my creative ability, which is necessary to produce innovative solutions to societal problems that occur in a rapidly changing world. Art appreciation also enhances my communication skills and enables the future engineer, like us to provide public infrastructure that goes beyond functionality. Art appreciation expands my thinking not just creating something attractive but also useful and art appreciation encourages us to adopt broader thinking that uses our emotions and feelings. Art appreciation also contributes to us students the importance of balance, proportion, variety and unity. 2.What are the different learning/realizations have I discovered this preliminary lessons in Art Appreciation which gives me much value as a person? So far, the realization that strikes me most was the total human development. It sink in to me that, living and growing is not just about finishing a degree, finding a job or work abroad; it is totally more than all of that. I've learned not to be a stereo typical type of a person, we don't need to live how the society wants us to be but live as who we want us to be, I've learn that Art can also be used to show different meaning. What is art to some isn't to others but you should learn to appreciate the effort the artist puts into his or her work. It is not necessarily based upon learned knowledge about art, but upon your own perceptions.

3.What kind of feelings have I...
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