Art and Science

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Art and science

1 . Definition of art and science :
- Art is reason applied without limits, geared towards an ideal and guided by the practical.

- Science is reason applied within a framework, geared towards the practical and guided by an ideal. 2 The difference between art and science
Art is geared towards an ideal, towards the attainment of perfection. All art is begun with some idea in mind, and bringing this idea across to viewers in the right manner in the goal of the artist. Yet because of practical application of the artist’s vision in reality, art is always limited by the medium of the art, even though the vision itself has no such limits. For example, I can imagine creating the perfect sphere mentally, and set out sculpturing it, yet despite all the best tools I can bring to bear, the sphere will probably never be as perfect as what I originally envisioned it to be. Practical aspects thus guide how artistic talent is applied in reality.

Science, on the other hand, is geared towards the exploration of the practical. In both experimental and theoretical science, you aim to discover a practical aspect of the universe; your data, experiments and ideas are all oriented as such, defined by the framework set by nature’s laws. However, ultimately, the experiment or theory attempts to attain an ideal in accuracy, either in experimental data or law formulation, a goal of almost every practitioner of science. Science is therefore guided by this mindset of idealism, despite its practical nature. Science's object is to increase the available data concerning an attribute or behaviour of some entity or category of entity in the universe, or to establish a theory which can correctly predict the behaviour of some entity or category of knowledge in the universe.

Art has no object. An artwork is its own object. The object of an artist is simply to create a complete work of art. The purposes of that work of art are as many as the works of art themselves.

But art always demands the creation of something new -the new work of art - which can stand by itself, on its own, as though it was alone in the universe, as though no art had been done before, or would be done again. Its prime purpose is not utilitarian. It is not made to entertain. It is not made to educate. It is not made to guide. It is not made to work. It is not made to demonstrate perfection. In this way it is similar to the nature of a living creature. However, as a consequence of being itself, it might do any or all those things. Works that are made to be useful as a prime purpose are called crafts. Although there are many works of art which are usefully applied -for worship, for dancing, for ornament and other reasons, to be an art its usefulness never overwhelms it. If its utility is removed, its nature as a stand alone work can remain the same.

Although a work of art can be made at one point in time, often it takes many decades-even centuries- to discover whether it is a great one which can stand alone as itself even as time passes and fashions fade, and other cultures come to know it.

In all work which deserves to be done well, there is in it some scientific technique and some arts technique. But there is a distinction between work that has as its purpose and object the creation of new science or new art and work which is utilitarian, that has service or usefulness as its purpose. As for what art does -it can take you up into ecstacy or look nice over your couch. And Science too, can change human history and lift humanity into a new paradigm of human consciousness, and it grow unknown microorganisms in obscure environments. 3. the relationship between art and science:

Science and art naturally overlap. Both are a means of investigation. Both involve ideas, theories, and hypotheses that are tested in places where mind and hand come together. Artists, like scientists, study materials, people, culture, history, religion, mythology and learn to...
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