Art and Life, Fuzzy Boundaries?

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By Huang Mengyue 12020062200472

Life and arts-fuzzy boundary
Relations between pop art and real life

Abstract: Pop artists use the fuzzy boundary between pop art and real life, not only to integrate life into art so as to create new forms of art but also lead art to depict daily life so as to tell stories in a new way. The close relationship between pop art and daily life is not a magical power that can turn a crude essay into a literary gem, but just the way to reduce the conceit and remoteness that art itself bears. Till now, the fuzzy boundary still exists; the tension between life and art is realistic and also necessary.

The emergence of pop art is highly relevant to the daily life under urban civilizations of which "secular life" is the core subject. The use of common living goods and images makes pop art an independent art diversion which breaks the fence that separates life and art before. However, it is not saying that other genres of art have nothing to do with tangible life. We shall discuss the relevance between some other genres of art and their core subject matters first.

1. Modern arts deviate from reality
The tradition of Realism regards painting as “Just the medium that leads people to reality or to the state of watching." However, with the emphasis on the historical events, the religious theme, the heroes, and the literary plots, the value of painting itself has been disguised.” (1[英]诺曼·布列逊 2000:82) Modern artists hope to rediscover the independent quality of painting instead of just the imitation of the real life. As a result, although urban life, culture, and visual experiences have been touched upon in various genres after the emergence of expressionism, due to the self-discipline and self- conscience that modern artists bear, the introduced pieces require the name serving for exploration and style necessities to be involved in the paintings thus lost the original and authentic meaning that they have in real life. For modern artists, materials from the outside world are just the media to capture an abstract feeling deep in their heart or the tool to create an art structure." The painting itself carries the reason for its existence." “Painting needs not to imitate anything. Let the reason of its existence be exposed!"(2河清 1988:154) leading by these principles, modern genres such as expressionism which in extreme reaction against realism or naturalism, presents a world that has been violently distorted under the pressure of intense personal moods, ideas, and emotions; cubism in which human figures and their surrounding space are reduced to a series of broad, intersecting planes which align themselves with the picture surface and imply a multiple, dissected view of the visible world; or geometric abstraction which uses abstract lines and lattices that indicate a departure from reality in depictions in art. Through the deviance from the reality, the artists hope to prevent drowning in the swamp of materialized reality. The abstract expressionism artist Mark Rothko said:"I have no interest depicting the contemporary world. Our generation is the generation of science and Machines, and the generation of power and death. I find no necessity to intensify or encourage the egocentric boldness. ”(3崔庆忠 2004: 52)

2. The reason for Pop art’s existence
We cannot deny that the modern art has positive influence on the development of art history: it expands the form language of visual arts and also enriches the patterns that depict the human spiritual world. However, the "Aesthetic Utopian" exists upon the sacrifice of the other social values of art. The ignorance of common experiences finally leads to the expression crisis. The exigency to pursue unique art language makes numerous “lab products” becomes vacant and boring.

And there comes the mass production and mass media, the way of exchanging ideas, communication and dissemination of information has been changed by the...
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