Art and Design: Do They Affect Each Other or Are They Inter-Related?

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Art is a world of expression and communication of emotion. Design plays with the aesthetic and function of the space. Nevertheless, both follow a process in order to come to the final outcome. Art and Design are fields that deal with creative skills and imagination. There are no limits for an artist or a designer. An artist in order to create has been inspired from a topic, from his personal psychology of the time his doing the artwork or from anywhere he believes that express his personality. On the other hand, a designer follows a process in which he indicates the problem of the design and through the design research he gives the solution. Undoubtedly, a designer needs inspiration, motivation and imagination in order to create a design that will meet the human needs and be attractive to consumers’ eyes. Nevertheless, here comes the question whether these two creative fields could be inter-related and which factors make them similar. There is also another one question whether art can become design or the design can become art.


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We can say that art and design are fields without boundaries and undoubtedly there are few definitions explaining what is art and design. People confused whether these two terms are related or if actually have a big difference between them. A lot of definitions illustrated on this topic but mostly referred to the differences based on art and design and whether they can become as one main field.


In my perspective the very first difference between art and design is how as humans we perceive each term. The differences are not based on the way they look but actually what is their purpose and what they do. Art and Design have different determinations, aims and objects, they are assessing by different principles and both are judge by different viewers. An artist has a blank canvas and then he starts drawing what inspires him and he follows...
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