Art and Activism Reflection

Topics: Thing, Paint, Brush Pages: 2 (670 words) Published: October 5, 2011
This was the first large scaled installation I did. It was definitely different as it was so practical and hands on. It was also a challenge as I was racing against time to complete it. As it is a contemporary work, I had someone help me construct it. I helped hold up the walls whilst it was secured or positioned correctly, I didn’t use the screwdriver or cut the wood, it was done by someone else. However, I did help whenever I could, I don’t think this means that this installation isn’t my work because I had help with it, because I believe in contemporary art, the concept is the thing that matters. Painting the walls and doors was actually the most exhausting thing, I initially used paintbrushes and small rollers which didn’t do a good job as the paint was very lumpy or inconsistent, and it was also very tiring. When I got the big roller, painting the rooms was so much easier, but as I had very little time, I spent two whole weeks painting every day. It took a lot of physical energy and that was the most tiring part. However, after everything as coated, painting in detail was much easier, such as the illusion room, all I needed to do was to paint some parts in with a brush, which wasn’t tiring. However, as the roller absorbs the paint strongly, I had to wash the roller a lot and for a long time until I can get most of the colour out so it doesn’t contaminate the next colour I was going to use. As I painted rooms one after the other, I also had to wait until the roller was dry because when it was too watery, the vibrancy of the paint would be altered. There were also other times where I needed to wait for wood and certain things to be cut out that I couldn’t do myself, which also made making and completing this installation more of a challenge. Putting the carpet on, or gluing fabric and newspaper on the floor for the rooms was quite simple and easy. In fact, in general, decorating the inside wasn’t a big hassle; it was all only a matter of time. As I knew what...
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