Art 1309 - Exam I Study Guide

Topics: Perspective, Painting, Optics, Vanishing point, Composition, Drawing / Pages: 3 (683 words) / Published: May 7th, 2013
Chapter 5: Lines
Types of Line: can create value in drawing
AKA: descriptive or classical
Like contour lines, describe edges of objects in space or simply divide space
Don’t describe any actual objects but are records of movement of the artists’ brush highly personalized
Implied Line (2 types) * “Function of Line of Sight” – lines that are not drawn but are suggested by movement or poses within a painting * Broken section in a drawing where the eye will complete the line when the ming expects it
Chapter 6: Space
Shape: flat 2-D form (height x width)
Mass: solid that has volume (h x w x l)
Mass vs. Shape = Sphere vs. Pyramid
Negative Space (Ground): interior space
Picture Plane: the surface of a painting
Scale: closer objects being larger than distant objects
Value: the use of lights and darks
Linear Perspective
One-Point Perspective: all parallel lines in an architectural space recede to a single vanishing point “facing a flat surface”
Two-Point Perspective: “facing a corner or edge”
Foreshortening: Diminishing in size of forms in space as they move away from the viewer to accurately depict spatial proportion
**book wrong on Foreshortening**
Atmospheric/Aerial Perspective non-linear means for giving illusion of depth – usually landscape painting * Decreasing intensity and detail seen in distant mountains * Overall bluish hue
Chapter 7: Light and Color
Light and Color have influence on space and also symbolic meaning
Value in Art: the relative degree of light or dark within a piece
Modeling: the use of value in art
Chiaroscuro: extreme use of lights-and-darks (high contrasts)
Line use for creating value
Hatching: close parallel lines “typically occurs in lighter regions of composition”
Cross-Hatching: lines drawn 90 degrees to each other “typically occurs in darker regions of composition”
Psychological and Symbolic Meaning
Types of Color
Local Color: color of

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