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Visual Literacy
Kimberly Williams
University Of Phoenix
Visual Literacy
The Howling Wolf’s Treaty Signing at Medicine Creek Lodge drawing has a lot less representational is nonobjective than John Taylor’s illustration. I read in this that (Sayre, H.M.) was saying something like the world of art (2010) usually has two different depictions of the Treaty Signing at Medicine Creek Lodge. This is where one illustrates a natural illusionistic art which is compared to something like convention art. This is with Sayre, H.M., posted in 2010, on the pp. 38-39, (Fig, 42). John Taylor, (1867). Taylor provided information on natural objects which these were in a form that was a more recognizable then Sayers was. I think that Wolf’s rendering is was very abstract, It would be more for a child to like because it had a lot of dimensional crayon coloring, But Wolf’s drawing does have a more honest record of the treaty signing at medicine creek lodge than Taylor’s did. Wolf also emphasizes tradition, culture, and detail in greater way than John Taylor’s illustration. And it also just told a lot more about the meaning of the painting just because of the things that was in the coloring such as woman with their hair painted, trees, creeks, and also wooded landscapes.

I honestly think that the white artist ignored the women that was at the treaty signing and this was not was not a good thing because the native women played a very important roll inside of this culture. The painting included the native women in ceremonial garments, and their backs against the other people in the audience. The whites really did not want ‘a draw attention to the importance the women that played in the treaty signing. When the treaty was signed the Plain tribe’s children had to go to school to learn how to speak English and I think the white artist did it deliberately because I think they did not want people to see and know just how much the women were involved...
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