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Topics: 1981, 1988, 1990 Pages: 5 (901 words) Published: April 1, 2013
ART 1000 Professor Pamela Bramble

Art Appreciation / on-line 860.626.6821

Department of Art and Art History University of Connecticut

Spring 2013


The specifics of the Getlein chapter reading assignments are found within each Session.

All assignments, activity postings and requested communications with one another & professor due by midnight of the day noted unless stated otherwise.

Check course email and announcements a few times each week.

Week #1 / Tuesday, January 22 – Friday January 25 / Course navigation and Introduction

Navigation and Introduction: Follow directions found on the course home page.

Friday, January 25: Last day to 1) submit your Sample Assignment to Assignments and

2) post your introduction to Discussion Board

Week #2 / Monday January 28 – Friday February 1 / Session 1

Read Session 1 content and assigned Getlein chapters.

Wednesday, January 30: Discussion posting 1.1due.

Thursday, January 31: Discussion posting 1.3 due.

Friday, February 1: Discussion posting response 1.2 due

Week #3 / Monday February 4 – Friday February 8 / Session 2

Read Session 2 content and assigned Getlein chapters.

Friday, February 8: Last day to submit assignments 2.1 and 2.2.

Week #4 / Monday February 11 – Friday February 15 / Session 3

Read Session 3 content andassigned Getlein chapters

Wednesday, February 13: Discussion posting 3.1 due.

Thursday, February 14: Discussion response to posting 3.1

Friday, February 15: Last day to submit Assignment 3.2.

Weeks #5 and #6 / Monday, February 18 – Friday, March 1 / Session 4

Read Session 4 content and assigned Getlein chapters.

Friday March 1: Last day to submit assignments 4.1, 4.2 and 4.3.

Note: In order to complete assignment 4.3, you need to watch the movie Citizen Kane.

Two possible on-line options: you can rent Citizen Kane for just a few dollars at the following link: or if you are a member of Amazon Prime, the movie Citizen Kane is available online at no cost:

Weeks #7 and #8 / Monday March 4 - Friday March 15 / Midterm

Monday, March 4 – Tuesday, March 5: Midterm preparation: 1. Take virtual tours to help you determine what work of art you will present to and discuss with the class. 2. Email Professor Bramble a jpeg of the work of art that you have chosen along with the following identifying information in this format: Artist. Title of work of art. date, medium, museum.

Friday March 8: Last day to post descriptive analysis and discussion questions on your selected work of art (Discussion Board under the forum Midterm: Your Name: Work of Art Information).

Wednesday, March 13: Last day to post three responses to three other students’ midterms.

Important note on procedure: Before you respond, please post a brief note under the student’s name on the discussion board stating that you intend to respond to this midterm. Do not post to another’s midterm if there are already a total of three responses and/or Intents to Respond. It is important that we follow this procedure to insure that everyone receives three responses to their midterm.

Friday, March 15: Last day to post summary of activity on your midterm forum.

Week #9 / Monday March 18 – Friday March 22 / Spring Break

Week #10 / Monday March 25 – Friday March 29 / Session 5

Read Session 5 content and assigned Getlein chapters.

Monday March 25: Group members email one another in order to determine top 3 topic choices for Session 5 discussion activity (due in preferential order...
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