Art 100

Topics: Visual arts, Art, Work of art Pages: 8 (2043 words) Published: April 18, 2013
ART 100-01
3 Credit Hours
Art Appreciation
Spring, 2013

Course Information

Prerequisite(s)| RDG 085 or equivalent placement score.|
Course Description| This course is designed to help the student find personal meaning in works of art and develop a better understanding of the nature and validity of art. Emphasis is on the diversity of form and content in original art work. Upon completion, the student should understand the fundamentals of art, the materials used, and have a basic overview of the history of art.| Student Learning Outcomes| The over-all purpose of this course is to encourage an appreciation of the Visual Arts. This is a highly visual course, in which we will examine and discuss many works of art. We will be looking at, and analyzing, many images in order to gain an understanding of their form and content. We will be analyzing the formal structure of various works of art as well as considering them in the context of the historical period and cultural framework in which they were produced. By the end of this semester, you will be able to: * understand and use the vocabulary of art, * Identify some of the purposes of art and the roles of the artist. * distinguish the elements & principles of design and explain how they are being used in a given work of art,Recognize some of the materials and processes involved in the production of a work of art discuss art in a historical and cultural context.| Class days and time| Mondays & Wednesdays ART 100-01 8:30 am - 9:45 am 8:30 till 9:45am ART 100-04 4:30 -5:45 pm| Campus and Class location| 1943 Martin|

Required textbook andCourse Materials| Gateways To Art: Understanding the Visual Arts.De Witt, Larmann, & SchieldsAssorted Art supplies as instructed (usually items you will have around your house).| Last Date of Withdrawal| Full Term: April 15, 2013|

Make-up policy| All assignments can be turned in 1 class period after due date to be considered not late (except the Journal). After that time, each class date that the assignment is not turned in, a letter grade reduction, will be assessed. All missed assignments with excused absences will be completed at date determined by the instructor. Students must have verifiable medical, legal, or school excuses.| Daily Activities, Class Participation, Pop Quizzes, etc.| Classroom daily activities will include class participation, etc. in the course and how they will count toward the grade. There will be art-related graded projects (journal, test, presentation) due (where noted) in this class.| Final Examination| May 8, 2013|

Instructor Information

Instructor| N Lynn Schmidt|
Instructor’sE-mail and phone number | & lmidt@bellsouth.neth:205 216-3344 c: 205 310-2745| Student hours and locationfor Student Hours | 30 minutes after class, at 1943 Martin or prior arrangement| Website||

Division Chair’s E-mail and phone number| Dr. Mark Brownmbrown@sheltonstate.eduPhone: 391.2336Office: 2668 and in the Music Suite 1817|

College Policy Information

Academic Misconduct | Students are expected to be honorable in all college assignments. Suspected cases of academic misconduct are reported to the Dean of Academic or Technical Services. | Attendance Policy| SSCC Attendance Policy: Students are expected to attend all classes for which they are registered, to be prompt and to remain in class/lab for the entire time. Attendance will be recorded at every class/lab meeting. On the final grade report, instructors are required to identify the last day of attendance for all students who receive a grade of “F” or “U.” Students who are unable to attend class regularly, regardless of the reason or circumstance, should withdraw from the class. Withdrawal from class can affect eligibility for federal financial aid.If a student is unable to attend at least 80 percent of...
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