Arrogance or Persistance?

Topics: San Diego, Sewage treatment, Sherman Alexie Pages: 3 (937 words) Published: June 18, 2014
Paul Broadway
Ms. Joan Ahrens
English 110-1877
14 June 2014
Arrogance or Persistence, it can lead to the same conclusion In contrast to Alexie’s, “Superman and Me”, my drive to giving back happens later in my life. Sherman Alexie has the Native American race to identify with and take strength from. My situation and perspective is different. I found a different object to focus on. Anger. Just like Sherman Alexie, I came to a different place out of an adversity. From May 2000 to May 2006 I owned a bar in South Park. The bar was named Sparky’s and was a very successful venture. Sparky’s was in the same commercial space for over 75 years. One day in February 2006, a man entered Sparky’s and started measuring the doors and windows. I asked him why he was measuring my bar’s door and windows. He stated, “I am planning to redecorate my new bar.” He introduced himself as Eric Hemberge, stepson of my late landlord. A couple of days later, I received an eviction letter that demanded that I remove the bar equipment and furnishings from the space in 60 days. I immediately started the process of buying a commercial building to move my bar in to. I bought a commercial building in the city of Lemon Grove. I had managed to save about $50,000.00 while I owned Sparky’s. This money was earmarked for funding the Small Business Administration loan and to cover the application fees for all of the required permits and licenses. I completed all of the appropriate applications, forms, and paid the fees. I was confident that I would be in business within the 60 days that I had to move. I could not have been more wrong in my entire life. The city of Lemon Grove’s Mayor, Ms. Mary Sessom and the Lemon Grove city council had a plan for the property that I had just purchased. They had an agreement with Tipping Point Partners, a developer in La Jolla, to develop the property into a mixed use mega project. I did not know that 6 months prior to my attempt to buy...
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