Arrival of New World and Old World

Topics: Slavery, Europe, New World Pages: 2 (732 words) Published: October 14, 2012
The European arrival in the Americas dramatically altered the entire world. Their arrival brought both positive and negative effects between the New World and the Old World. The natives in the Americas and the Europeans were affected by the discovery, bringing trade and trade to the both places. The impact of the European discovery of the Americas is depicted through documents 2,3,5,6 in which the positive impact is shown, and through documents 1,4,7,8 in which the negative impact is shown.

The positive impact is shown through several documents that effectively portray the way trade, population, and even religion was influenced. In document 2, the British economist describes the market of silver and how it has exponentially grown due to the discovery of the Americas. This argues that the discovery of the Americas had a positive influence on trade, specifically silver. In document 3, Tomas de Mercado is excited and pleased with the spreading of trade and the growth in the number of merchants due to the discovery of the West Indies. He believes that trade has brought wealth and prosperity to the Europeans as a result of the discovery of he Americas. In document 5, the Jesuit analyzes the increasingly amount of converts to catholic and shows the positive influence the discovery had on religion. In document 6, the chart illustrates the amount of crops exchanged between the New World and the Old World. The chart shows how trade flourished after 1500, because of the discovery and there is a slightly large demand for the exotic and newly discovered crops, than the old world crops.

The discovery of the Americas also brought along negative consequences such as slavery, disease, inflation, population migration. In document 1, the chronicle shows the disease outbreak brought over from Europeans which devastated the Mayan population. The chronicle describes a vivid account on the extent to which the disease caused. This document uses a very grim and somber tone to...
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