Array String Problems

Topics: Matrix, Mathematics, Multiplication Pages: 2 (611 words) Published: March 2, 2015
1. Write a program to print the element of an array in reverse order. 2. Write a program to count the occurrence of even numbers in an array. 3. Write a program to find the maximum value/number in an array. 4. Write a program to find the minimum value/number from an array. 5. Write a program to find the total number of vowels in an array of character. 6. Write a program to search/find a number in an array and print the position of that number. 7. Write a program to assign the elements of an array into another array in reverse order. 8. Write a program to find the sum and average of an array of numbers. 9. Write a program to take input of physics, chemistry, and math marks of 5 students using arrays. Then print the index of that student who has got the highest total. 10. Write a program to take input of two square matrices. Add the matrices and assign the result in a third matrix. Print the result. 11. Programming Exercise: 7.6, 7.7 from book by Balagurusamy. 12. Find the sum of all even numbers/odd numbers in an array.

13. WAP to print a string in reverse order (use strlen).
14. WAP to separate words from your full name

Input: Tanvir Alam Ahmed.

15. Identify and exclude a word from a sentence.
Example: This is a renowned university
Input: renowned
Output: This is a university

16. WAP to insert a character into a string. It should be menu based program and also iterative. Example: bed Output Menu:
1. Add a letter
2. Show string
3. Exit

(you choose from menu)
Which letter? (you type) a
Which position? (you type) 3
(you choose from menu)

17. WAP to take individual word of your name as string input. Store them in different array of characters. Then use strcat() function to add those parts into one string and print your full name. 18. The names of employees of an organization are stored in three arrays. First array contains first names. Second array contains...
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