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Arranged Marriages

By caaaaitlyn Aug 26, 2013 491 Words
Arranged Marriage
Honors English 9
Period 2
3 February 2012
Arranged Marriages
Have you ever gotten yourself in a situation that you never wanted to be in? Well, people that are in arranged marriages are born in similar situations. They never did anything to be put in that situation though. People that are in arranged marriages do not get any choice in their future spouse, the parents do not always put into consideration for the feelings or likes of their children, and lastly the families make it almost impossible for an unhappy couple to divorce. In my opinion, everyone should have the right to choose the person they are ultimately spending the rest of their lives with. I do not think choice should be taken away because everyone should have that specific right in this world. Children, most of the time, have many differences from their parents. Lot of times, these differences includes choosing qualities in spouses. Also, I think once you hit adulthood, you should be able to marry who ever you choose because you are no longer anyone's responsibility, and you are also no longer a child. Another main reason why people should not get arranged is because the parents do not always put into consideration of the their child needs, wants, and likes. A lot of the times, the parents will pick a partner that they would want to marry and not care what their child has to say. They also pick a possible spouse that is born in a wealthy family that can support their child and sometimes them. Just because you are financially supported does not mean you are happy. One of the last things that parents do a lot is look for a family that looks good in the community or is in a higher power of government. This is just to make themselves look better. The last big point in why arranged marriages are no good is because when you do marry and you want to divorce afterward, it is almost impossible. It is impossible because your family and the family you married into will do everything in their power to have you two stay together. Threats of they disowning you will be thrown. They will try and persuade you that everything will get better and you just have to stick it through. Another thing that happens is that families sometimes help you financially,and then afterward they think you owe the family, and normally the repayment is to stay with one another. In conclusion, I feel for many reasons that arranged marriages are not a good thing. One is it takes away the freedom of choice. Another is parents do not look for what their child wants when they look for their spouse. The last reason is that divorcing after getting married is practically impossible. These are three very good reasons why I would never want to be in an arranged marriage.

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