Arranged Marriage 2

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Arranged Marriage
Arranged marriage is the type of marriage where parents pick your future husband or wife for you. It is a complicated matter according to Asian and Middle Eastern countries like India, Japan, Iraq, Iran and many other counties. It is practiced in many societies. For example, in the Indian culture, parents have been choosing a suitable life partner for centuries. For many cultures, denying an arranged marriage is a sign of disrespect towards one’s family. There is a large process that the parents go through to find a suitable life partner. In Japan, for instance, "when a woman reaches the marriageable age of 25, she and her parents compile a packet of information about her, including a photograph of her in a kimono and descriptions of her family background, education, hobbies, accomplishments and interests. Her parents then inquire among their friends and acquaintances to see if anyone knows a man who would be a suitable husband for her" (the Asia Society's Video Letter from Japan: My Family, 1988). Usually, the most important aspect of choosing a suitable spouse is the bond between the two families, rather than the relationship between the couple being married. Property or land with the aim of securing social status sometimes seals marriage agreements. The boy and the girl have to agree or disagree for a marriage proposal, set up by his or her parents, after the first meeting. For Indians that are born and brought up in America have a difficult time adjusting with people that they are arranged with from India. It is a difficult task for a girl to adjust easily with the guy’s family after marriage. Indian culture, society, and religion differ excessively from American. The most important common issues in arranged marriages are communication, background, and faithfulness. “One Sunday, I was woken by a call at 9 A.M. A woman with a heavy Indian accent asked for Anita. I have a raspy voice at the best of times, but after a night of “social”...

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