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19th April, 2012

Professor Abdur Rab Sir

School of Business

North South University

Bashundhara Residential Area, Dhaka

Subject: Submission of group report.

Dear Sir,

This is the group report of our Plant visit on CPM Composite Knit Pvt. (Ltd) in Savar, Dhaka that we were asked to prepare for our course MGT 210.

We have tried to add the relevant information and applicable facts during preparation of this report. We hope you will find the report useful and comprehensive.

We found the preparation of this report challenging and exciting. Our knowledge on our communication skills and ability to work in a group has improved in the process. But unfortunately our all members were not visited for their other course exam. We fixed the several time but which was not adjust with everyone. So, we are remorseful but we share our knowledge, experience and other things related to this report. We snapped some photographs which are attach in this report. We are delighted to have a visit which helps us to know how a production unit runs.

Thanks a lot for providing us this opportunity to understand business and company management process better.

Sincerely yours,

Waseef, Dipon, Sajib ,

Shahriar & Shohidul .


First of all we would like to Almighty Allah for giving us the help dedication and determination that was needed in preparing this report to the best of our abilities.

Then we greatly appreciate the valuable contributions our faculty for the course MGT 210 Mr. Abdur Rab (ARB) for his excellent guide and mentor to us whenever we needed him.

Thanks also due to Mr. Saber Sharif, CEO of CPM Composite Knit and Vice Chairman of CPM Group without whom we could have never completed our report. We express our gratitude towards him for providing us time.

We also extend our thanks to the concern employees of CPM for their cordial behavior and willingness to help us every step of the way.

Last but not least, we acknowledge the idea generation, dedication and hard work of our team members, whose patience, creativity and willingness to help in the preparation of this report within the fix time.


CPM Composite Knit Ltd.

Company Overview

The Entrepreneur of the CPM group is Captain Saber Sharif (Retd.- BN) with the 33 core taka initial amount CPM Group entered the industry with a vision of a vertically integrated knitwear plant. Family based business started operations in November 2007. His father and younger brother are also businessmen- together they run CPM Group. He served in the Executive Corps of Bangladesh Navy for 25 years prior to joining the family business. In this company He serves as the Vice Chairman of the Group & CEO of CPM Composite Knit.

CPM Group Current Concerns Include:







CPM Composite Knit comprises of the following 3 units:

CPM Composite Knit Ltd.

CPM Composite Knit Ltd. is an UK-Bangladesh JV as part of the CPM’s 16 million US Dollars investment in line with the corporate vision of creating world class differentiated knit fabric capacities and capabilities as CPM’s response to the challenges of the dynamic environment.

CPM Composite Knit Ltd. is at Ashulia, Dhaka, near Savar Cantonment. CPM Composite Knit Ltd. is a large vertically integrated knitwear plants, which features state of the art equipment and high quality production capacities. CPM tries to assure the best quality and total standardization with its in-house production from yarn to the final garment.

CPM Fashions Ltd.

CPM Fashion is the manufacturers of quality Textile Garments. They can meet specific orders / requirements in textiles garments of any quantity with quality at very...
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