Arnold's Case

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Arnold's case is a paper based on how teacher's pay is based on the score that students receive.

Arnold’s Case

What words I would use to describe Arnold Schwarzenegger’s personality? I would say

that he’s brilliant, social, outspoken, motivated, high standing, energetic, high minded,

great thinker, dignified. I’ve seen his movie, ”Terminator “ and “Total Recall” and from

reading the case, as an abused child brought up in as an abused child brought up in

a bad environment, he wanted to change the situation, making him more motivated and

determined to find a better way for himself. Wanting to be rich, would take a lot of work

getting there and maintaining. He basically set big goals for himself. Yes, his personality

fit into the “ Big Five taxonomy. He has a theory of motivation, called Abraham

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs which are within us. Self- actualization is the drive, that

makes us motivated to go after our dreams. Esteem such self respect, achievement,

recognition, attention. Social, a sense of acceptance, friendship. Safety from physical and

emotional harm. Physiological he has all the bodily needs, shelter ,thirst, sex, etc..

Arnold traits give him the confidence, and determination to accomplish the leadership

that is needed to carry out all duties needed to get the job done. Ex. That I can do this, fix

this, that winning attitude as a warrior, at anything. Being popular, and friendly has

carried him far in his career and determination to have the governs seat.

He was determined to bring peace among the Democrats and Repub., adjust the budget,

reduce government cost, and rebuild the Bus. Community. With the determination to fix

California’s debt problem, he used his charisma toward the publics to support his vision.

He wanted them to see that he was on the right track to improve things. During this time,

at the Republic

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