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Ben had his birthday during their move from Ontario to British Columbia. His dad didn’t remember a thing about it. But when his mom had come home after they moved to the house and said “Happy Birthday sweetie”. I connected to this because moms remember birthdays better than dads. My mom was in Pakistan and I had my birthday after the week she left. My dad didn’t remember but my mom did and called and said “Happy Birthday”.

Word Definitions

Decadent – A person who is luxuriously self-indulgent.

Straitlaced – A person who is excessively strict in manners, morals, or opinion. 23-32
I can infer that Ben is now making friends and getting along with his friend Tim. Also he is now being more comfortable with Zan and accepting that a chimp is his brother, after making the sign “B” on his heart. ENG2D0 By: Samir Hyder Mrs. Landovski

Active Reading Notes

Book: Half Brother
Author: Kenneth Oppel

Ben’s whole family went to Mr. Godwin’s barbecue in Windermere, she was head of the psychology department. Everyone had a great time, Ben had made a few friends and saw a girl he liked. Ben was also worried for Zan because people he was being passed around by people. Also his parents are interested to putting Ben in Windermere Private School. 43-52

Is it possible that Zan and Ben will make a good relationship?

Why does Ben want to go to Windermere Private School?
My prediction is that Ben’s mom and dad are going to talk about Windermere. It’s probably expensive knowing that is a private school. Also they might stress over it because they want Ben happy. 58-62

Literary Device
Situational irony- As Richard (Ben’s dad) gets greeted by his wife (Ben’s mom) after coming home from work. Zan bites him because he taught he was hurting her. You would expect that Richard would verbally teach him, but instead bit Zan to teach him. 63-67

I can visualize that Ben, his mother, and Zan are sitting in a two seat brown couch. Ben’s mom has Zan’s bottle and feeds him. But Zan starts to whimper and opens him hands wide for Ben as if he wants Ben to feed him. So Ben allows Zan to sit in his lap and he starts to feed him, and gives him a kiss on the forehead. 68-72


Why does Zan hate everyone who came for the job interview except for Peter Mclovor?

Do you think Peter Mclovor is right for this job?
Literary Device
Personification – “My breakfast was doing a swirl in my stomach”

I can predict that Zan will start to learn and understand the sign language. After Zan saw Ben after school, Zan put his arms across his chest. Showing that he wanted a hug from Ben. So I predict that Zan will learn ASL faster if Ben keeps teaching him. 83-87

I could infer that Zan and Ben are building a great relationship. Reason why I say this is because they spend a lot of time together and Ben teaching ASL to Zan makes it easier for them to bound. 88-92

The whole family including Peter and Time Magazines reporters gave Zan the most attention. It was also the first day Zan communicated with Ben and how they both understood what they said. Also Ben’s mom and dad played and had fun with Zan as if they were play with baby Ben. 93-97

Word Definition

Sneer-A facial expression of contempt or scorn; upper lip curls 98-102
In the story Ben comes back from school and comes home to see a new Mercedes on the drive way. Now he didn’t think it was his parents but he finds out it was his dads. I connected to this because one day I had come to see a brand new 2013 Chevrolet Malibu on my driveway. I was so excited and later found out it was my dads 103-107

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