Army Values

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Loyalty is being true and loyal to your country the unit and yourself. You can not be succesfull in the army without being loyal. It earns the respect of others in your unit. You must be loyal to your battle buddies. If you go on a deployment and you havnt been loyal to what the army stands for than you wont have the peace of mind that the ones you searve with will have your back. Duty

It is your duty as a united states soldier to protect the comstitution, It is your duty to be were you are supposed to be and on time. I havnt done that on numerous occations and I should. If you are late for a mission it could hurt the success of that mission. It could put the lives of your fellow sldiers at risk. If you are not on time you may also miss a formation and miss important information that is put out. Not only does accountability matter in formation it is also important to have accountability of all your weapons and sensitive items. Being late is not tolerated in the army, it hurts the unit and the mission. When a soldier is late to anything it hurts everybody. The unit can not function as a whole if one part of it is missing and by being late that one soldier has now disrupted the entire unit. Respect

Respect in the military is easy to keep but it is also easy to loos. Respect is earned in the military, you must earn the respect of the soldiers in your squad, platoon, company, and in the military as a whole. You also need to respect others. You expecialy need to respect those appointed over you.
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