Army Structure

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In any organization, a clear-cut hierarchy of personnel is necessary to ensure that things run smoothly at all levels. The armed forces is no exception. For thousands of years, military forces worldwide have maintained a strict structure of rank to ensure smooth operations and the maintenance of order in stressful environments. In fact, rank structure is one of the most defining characteristics of an organized military and serves a number of purposes. In order to build and maintain this discipline, newer soldiers often need direction and correction from more experienced members of the military. To do this, soldiers are assigned ranks according to their experience in combat or through training. Soldiers are then placed in command of those who are less experienced and thus hold a lower rank. They can use this authority to enforce disciplinary measures to ensure a basic sense of order and discipline throughout the force.

Much like in the civilian world, the military also uses rank structure to assign levels of responsibility to soldiers. Those of a lower rank would be equivalent to entry-level employees, while higher ranked enlisted members would be equivalent to mid-level management who supervise day-to-day operations. Commissioned officers, meanwhile, are more like corporate management and often do more to direct the force on a larger scale. This division of responsibility ensures that the most experienced soldiers take on the biggest and most complicated roles and members contribute to every level of the overall mission according to their qualifications

In Alpha Company 1st Platoon our rank structure is set up by a soldiers job in the platoon along with rank starting with a PVT (E-1) up to a PFC (E-3) which are known as riflemen. A riflemen is a versitile element in a fire team equipped with a M4 and a variety of different hand gernades a riflemen is the backbone of the fight. a riflemen's duties are as followed executing the orders of his Fire Team and...
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