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Topics: United States Army, Sergeant, Iraq War Pages: 3 (1223 words) Published: February 25, 2015
Through two happenstance events I went from a skinny 17-year-old High School student in northern California to a married father of two with solid a career and opportunities to live and work around the US and World once I decided to join the United States Army. It all started with my oldest brother who was in the California Army National Guard at the time. He told me I could get an eight thousand dollars bonus from the Army, just for signing my name, or so I was led to believe. Since that was the most money I had ever heard of, I must have been the easiest contract that recruiter ever signed. I walked in his office with my brother and asked him where to sign. I would take the only Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) available to me, Combat Engineer. Still a junior in High School I would do my Basic Training (BT) and Advance Individual Training (AIT) over the course of the next two summers at Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri. After signing my contract in March 2000, my upcoming summer break seemed to take on more importance than most of my friend’s; all but 3 days would be spent becoming a Soldier. BT was an eye opening experience where physical fitness and learning became the forefront of my thoughts. The realism of the responsibilities of life sunk in and upon returning home for my senior year of High School I felt like I was heading for something greater than most. The events of September 11th, 2001 made my reconsider my position in life. I had completed AIT, was in my first semester of Community College and felt it was time to take my commitment to the Army to a higher level. I knew I wanted to join the active Army and change my MOS but had no idea what I wanted to do. I went through the entire enlistment process again when it came to picking my new MOS I met with a seasoned Master Sergeant Career Counselor who advised me to take a Military Intelligence Job as Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) Analyst. I knew nothing about it and soon found out neither did he....
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