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Topics: Want, Need, The A-Team Pages: 2 (868 words) Published: March 16, 2006
SSG Bob on 23 Sep 05 I had received a phone call at 1410 hrs. from SGT Bill stating that he had come into some money and that he had known that I was wanting to get some additional equipment for OUR SRT. SGT Bill stated that he needed myself to come in and type up a letter of justification and if I could also have SGT Jones come in as well to assist in writing this letter due to the fact that SGT Jones had been placed in charge of training folders. On notification of this I was on the phone notifing my soldiers of where they needed to be and in doing this I had also asked SPC Man if could also inform you of what I had going on in case he had seen you before me, but his telling you was not going to be your only notification, nor would I have left it at that. SSG Bob I figured after you knowing me for almost 2 ½ years you would know that I would not do something like that. SSG Love you also twisted my words when you asked what came first the Squad or SRT. I told you SRT comes first and that was my belief. You then told me you did not "give a shit about my beliefs". SSG Bob when you came onto the SRT I told you that the Team needed 100 percent dedication to it because we are working up a brand new team, and as being a member of OUR team I figured you would have that same desire and dedication to it. So when I got this call for new equipment why would I think anything else other than this; "wow we are going to get some good equipment, CPL Smith make it happen for us" but instead in rush of the moment you were notified of the situation the best way that I could think of at the time and instead of having concern for the equipment, you were upset that you were not notified any earlier, even after it was explained to you that I had just found out.

After our meeting on the morning of 24 September I explained to you that after you had said to me that you did not give a shit about SRT and that you did not give a shit about my beliefs that I had received that as a...
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