Army Motivation Statement

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My Motivational Statement Since I was a young child, I have always admired the United States military. I have always had a deep sense of pride in my country and believed that one day I too would find myself in the United States military. Today, I am a member of the Army enlisted corps. I serve with honorable junior enlisted and Non-Commissioned Officers who deserve great respect. I am ready to take what I have learned from the enlisted corps and move forward in my efforts to expand my knowledge and abilities by becoming a commissioned officer in the United States Army. I am highly believe that my professional experience in leadership, management, organization, and multi- cultural skills will be helpful in serving my country as an officer in the United States Army. As a civilian in 2007, I was a plant manager for an animal feed producing corporation. I was responsible for sixty workers. In 2009, I taught Chemistry, Geology, Physical Sciences, and Physics for Shades Valley High School in Alabama. While there, I was responsible for the education, training, and mentorship of over 300 students. As a Soldier I served in team leader and squad leader positions, responsible for the safety and well-being of service members assigned to me. I believe being an enlisted member will help me in becoming an effective officer that understands soldiers.

There are numerous reasons why I seek a commission in the United States Army. First, I want to further develop my civilian education, experience and skills in a way that will contribute to the officer corps. I think my background will aid me in developing the technical, and tactical proficiencies need to be a commissioned officer. Second, it will give me the opportunity to develop myself and as a leader. I want to support my fellow soldiers, my peers, and my superiors by taking the initiative and making positive changes happen. Thirdly, I work with people, especially

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