Army Crew Case

Topics: Team, Military rank, Winter Pages: 2 (293 words) Published: March 24, 2011
Varsity selection based on individual strength scores Individual skills Team coordination Program organization Strength conditioning Achieving 'Sweep' Rowing technique Psychological dimensions ~3.5 mile races Intercollegiate 8-oared units (also pairs and fours) Selection Criteria Team Composition Objective measurement Men's Team Gender Women's Team Psychological dimensions Strongest members/ poorer technique Seats 5 & 6 Includes team captain Team Members Coach P. Introduction of partnership with "Satan" the strength training coach Athletics Military rank structure Academics Atlanta Training Facility Spring Season Varsity issues escalate within the few weeks before the Nationals Failure to resolve Varsity conflict before Nationals could do damage that will last the rest of the year. West Point No individual criticism from peers on JV vs. Varsity's merciless criticism of one another Rowing technique suffers from when individualism is high, Varsity has high individualism, JV is a collective Fall Season Winter Workout Spring Break Training JV "Nothing to loose." vs Varsity "Row hard", "Never die", or "Finish clean" Strength training with "Satan" resulted in more Dual wins for JV, Varsity getting stronger (per erg), but not winning Elements of a successful racing crew Team coordination Varsity preference to practice alone vs. JV willingness to train against stronger opponents (Varsity) Varsity accuses Coach P. of creating a rift between Varsity & JV Destructive criticism in Varsity vs. Comradery on JV Pointed criticism of each other Some Varsity member overly critical of themselves

Program organization

The sport

Comparison of Varsity vs. JV
Strength conditioning

Dynamic of military rank in peer-topeer feedback was more significant for Varsity vs. JV

Influential Stakeholders

Root Cause of Varsity Losses to Junior Varsity (JV)

Timing Factors Environmental Factors

Return to the Hudson when Varsity began self destructing but coach P. treated it as...
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