Army Appearances

Topics: Moustache, Facial hair, Beard Pages: 1 (317 words) Published: May 29, 2013
ou are apart of the army, it is your upmost duty to represent the army with pride and dignity. While the army gives some individuals a second chance at life, or to help you in your goals, or even just to honor your duty to your country, you’re expected at all times to represent a true American soldier.

A mainstream fact in all facets of the military is to be in the right place, at the right time, in the right uniform. That includes hairstyles that do not stand out, designs in the soldiers hair, a soldier bleaching their hair, or applying attention-grabbing and inappropriate colors to their hair. The same applies for males, in particular, to where their hair will be neatly groomed, and cannot have a wild or “nappy” appearance. The latter part also applies to facial hair for men, to the point where you cannot have a goatee, a beard, or handlebar mustaches , though you are allowed to have facial hair, if given a medical excuse. However, you can not stylize your facial hair in ways you see fit, and must be trimmed to the point where the facial hair does not extend ¼ of an inch. You can also have a regular mustache as long as it doesn’t reach the corner of your upper lip.

When you wear an army uniform of any sort, do it with pride. such as your ACU’s, which must have a clean and well-kept appearance, for instance, down range, you’re more likely to be targeted than others because your hair is out of rank, your facial hair is untidy, your uniform is unkempt, and even your boots look like they haven’t been cleaned in days. This is why NCO’s stress now everyday to always look your best, either in front of promotion boards, your commander, or if you’re representing someone, or just representing the army.
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