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1. References.

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2. Purpose. To establish responsibilities and procedures for the arms room.

3. Responsibilities.

a. The commander is ultimately responsible for the physical security and accountability of their unit’s arms, ammunition, and explosives (AA&E), sensitive items, and other unit property secured in the unit arms room.

b. The unit commander will:

(1) Appoint a key control officer and alternate.

(2) Appoint a unit physical security officer.

(3) Appoint a unit seal custodian and alternate (if the unit uses seals).

(4) Appoint an armorer and assistant armorer.

(5) Interview all personnel prior to granting them unaccompanied access to the arms room, and implement procedures which continue the evaluation process to ensure that any incident or condition which might result in the disqualification of such personnel.

(6) Give authorization in writing for the storage of items other than AA&E in the arms room (memorandum).

(7) Designate in writing those individuals authorized unaccompanied access to AA&E.

(8) Report the actual/suspected loss or recovery of AA&E to FT. Hood PMO immediately.

(9) Establish a training program for those personnel responsible for the accountability of AA&E.

(10) Establish an aggressive training program to ensure all unit personnel are aware of their responsibilities for security and accountability of AA&E.

(11) Take continuing action through annual update and refresher training to ensure that all personnel are aware of their responsibilities.

Note: Appoint personnel using memorandum format.

c. Unit Key Control Officer will:

(1) Appoint a key control custodian and alternate for the arms room.

(2) Train and supervise key custodian and alternate.

(3) Periodically (minimum of quarterly) inspect custodial area. Record results on a memorandum for record.

(4) Issue all keys and locks by serial number to custodian using DA Form 2062. (Issue keys to depositories for personal retention).

(5) Maintain the alternate keys (in separate sealed envelopes, signed and dated across the sealed flap by the custodian) to the operational and alternate arms room key boxes.

(6) Turns high security padlocks, with damaged or broken keys, into the PMO, PSB for recoring and issuance of new keys. (The PMO will only recore high security Sergeant & Greenleaf 833 series padlocks only.)

d. Key Control Custodian and Alternate will:

(1) Hand receipt for all locks and keys on DA Form 2062.

(2) Prepare a DA Form 5513-R listing all keys/locks by serial number, location of locks and number of keys to each lock. Maintain a copy of this form in both key depositories (Arms Room keys only).

(3) Conduct and record semiannual inventories of all keys and locks assigned (operational and alternate). Maintain key inventories for one year.

(4) Ensure that inside doors of both entrance and issue windows...

References: (4) Ensure that inside doors of both entrance and issue windows are equipped with a sliding bolt-type lock or similar locking device, which can only be opened from inside the arms room (suggested FSN 5340‑00‑664‑1372).
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