Armenian Genocide -Taking a Stand

Topics: Armenian Genocide, Ethnic cleansing, The Forty Days of Musa Dagh Pages: 2 (603 words) Published: June 2, 2013
What inspires people to resist against tremendous odds is their their personal belief against the odd. If one believes in what they're fighting for then they will stop at nothing, to change it. If someone believes in something they will go through with it because it is what they think is right. Another thing is, that if there is already a group of people fighting against an odd, then that might inspire others to join along since they wouldn't feel alone. Resistances can take all forms, but it all depends on how serious the problem is. In the case of the Armenian genocide the form that the resistance took was battle. On the other hand, for smaller problems it could be a strike or something of that nature.

The democratically elected defense council, and the gathering of Armenian Christians at a local church to pray together add to my perception of resistance a lot. Before whenever I though of resistance I would think of some sort of violent act. Now when I think of resistance I think of much more than just that. I think of how resistance can be perceived and interpreted in so many different ways,only one of them being violence. Now I see that resistance can be just when a group of people come together to pray together for their cause, or to elect a representative to represent them in a resistance done democratically and officially.

I think the Armenians in Musa Dagh chose to have the flag read “CHRISTIANS IN DISTRESS: RESCUE” because by saying their religion they know that other christian people would come to their rescue; whereas if they were to have written it saying “Armenians in Distress: Rescue” it would probably not have attracted as many people. That is also why it was a very important factor of why the flag was written in English. English then and still now is a language that is universally known. Even if people don't speak it fluently, many knew enough to understand it a little. Since their flag was written in English and directed towards Christians,...
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