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Armchair Economist
By –Steven E. Landsburg

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Table of Contents
About The Book1
About the Author2
Book Summary4
What life is all about?4
The Power of Incentives: How Seat Belts Kill4
Rational Riddles: Why Rolling stones sell out?4
Truth or Consequence: How to split a check or choose a movie5
The Indifference Principle5
The Computer Game of Life5
Good and Evil5
Telling Right from Wrong – The pitfalls of Democracy.6
Why Taxes are Bad?6
Why Prices are Good?6
How to Read the News6
Choosing Sides in a Drug War7
Do we need more illiterates?8
The End of Bipartisanship8
How Markets Work8
Why popcorn costs more at the movies and why the obvious answer is wrong?8
Courtship & Collusion: The Mating Game9
Cursed Winners and Glum Losers9
Ideas of Interest10
Random Walks & Stock Market Prices11
The Iowa Car Crop11
Was Einstein Credible? The Economics of the Scientific Method12
New, Improved Football :how economists go wrong?12
The Science Of Economist vs The religion of Ecology13

About The Book

Figure 11 The Armchair Economist

“Landsburg valiantly turns the discussion of vexing economic questions into an activity that ordinary people might enjoy.” – Wall Street Journal “Enormous fun, Landsburg has done something extra ordinary; he has expounded the basic economic principles with wit and verve.” – Fortune. Steven examines everything from taxes to unemployment and illiteracy to the mating game death penalty and environmentalism to solve the puzzling questions that occur in daily living (hence the name “Armchair”).As a book it is an assortment of topics chosen by the writer “Steven S Landsburg” to discuss contradict, prove and present metamorphosis of alternative ideas to facts which have always been least understood by the normal folk, in a manner which is interesting and witty. The book is divided in 6 units namely “What life is all about”, “Good and Evil”, “How to read the News”, “The pitfalls of science” & “the pitfalls of religion”. Each unit is significant of a central mean evident in its comprising chapters.

About the Author

Steven E. Landsburg writes the popular "Everyday Economics" column in Slate magazine. He has also written a series of columns for Forbes magazine and two economics textbooks. He is a professor of economics at the University of Rochester. Steven Landsburg's writings are living proof that economics need not be "the dismal science." Readers of The Armchair Economist and his columns in Slate magazine know that he can make economics not only fun but fascinating, as he searches for the reasons behind the odd facts we face in our daily lives. He is the author of The Armchair Economist, Fair Play; More Sex is Safer Sex, The Big Questions, two textbooks in economics, a forthcoming textbook on general relativity and cosmology, and over 30 journal articles in mathematics, economics and philosophy. His current research is in the area of quantum game theory. He appeared as a commentator on the PBS/Turner Broadcasting series “Damn Right”, and has made over 200 appearances on radio and television broadcasts over the past few years. Other Works include the following

Figure 12 More Sex is Safer Sex

Figure 13- Fair Play


Economists or not, book presents a commendable and an interesting read. The author in his book never assumes that his book will be read by students of economics but book would certainly be well understood if a reader possesses a background in economics. The exhaustive examples stated in the book to profess his theories leave little for debate and are very simple for the reader to relate to it. But the same exhaustive examples may also leave the reader confused & disoriented. Author happens to understand this fact too hence he has quoted in the preface. “Attentive readers will observe that this book applies economic reasoning to a vast array of human (and...
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