Arm System Developer's Guide Designing and Optimising System Software

Topics: ARM architecture, Microprocessor, Embedded system Pages: 101 (26927 words) Published: March 13, 2013
ARM System Developer’s Guide
Designing and Optimizing System Software

About the Authors
Andrew N. Sloss Andrew Sloss received a B.Sc. in Computer Science from the University of Herefordshire (UK) in 1992 and was certified as a Chartered Engineer by the British Computer Society (C.Eng, MBCS). He has worked in the computer industry for over 16 years and has been involved with the ARM processor since 1987. He has gained extensive experience developing a wide range of applications running on the ARM processor. He designed the first editing systems for both Chinese and Egyptian Hieroglyphics executing on the ARM2 and ARM3 processors for Emerald Publishing (UK). Andrew Sloss has worked at ARM Inc. for over six years. He is currently a Technical Sales Engineer advising and supporting companies developing new products. He works within the U.S. Sales Organization and is based in Los Gatos, California. Dominic Symes Dominic Symes is currently a software engineer at ARM Ltd. in Cambridge, England, where he has worked on ARM-based embedded software since 1995. He received his B.A. and D.Phil. in Mathematics from Oxford University. He first programmed the ARM in 1989 and is particularly interested in algorithms and optimization techniques. Before joining ARM, he wrote commercial and public domain ARM software. Chris Wright Chris Wright began his embedded systems career in the early 80s at Lockheed Advanced Marine Systems. While at Advanced Marine Systems he wrote small software control systems for use on the Intel 8051 family of microcontrollers. He has spent much of his career working at the Lockheed Palo Alto Research Laboratory and in a software development group at Dow Jones Telerate. Most recently, Chris Wright spent several years in the Customer Support group at ARM Inc., training and supporting partner companies developing new ARM-based products. Chris Wright is currently the Director of Customer Support at Ultimodule Inc. in Sunnyvale, California. John Rayfield John Rayfield, an independent consultant, was formerly Vice President of Marketing, U.S., at ARM. In this role he was responsible for setting ARM’s strategic marketing direction in the U.S., and identifying opportunities for new technologies to serve key market segments. John joined ARM in 1996 and held various roles within the company, including Director of Technical Marketing and R&D, which were focused around new product/technology development. Before joining ARM, John held several engineering and management roles in the field of digital signal processing, software, hardware, ASIC and system design. John holds an M.Sc. in Signal Processing from the University of Surrey (UK) and a B.Sc.Hons. in Electronic Engineering from Brunel University (UK).

ARM System Developer’s Guide
Designing and Optimizing System Software

Andrew N. Sloss Dominic Symes Chris Wright
With a contribution by John Rayfield


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