Arive Alive Parking Meter

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Arrive Alive Parking Meter

A Safe Meter Product


Charles Liss, Paul Dermody, Richard Bellack, Sean Rochefort, Mohammed A.

Team Name

Safe Meters is a new company that sells a new fantastic product to local cities. The name we have chosen for our product is Arrive Alive Parking Meters. We decided that this name will fit our company because of the direct correlation it has with the name of our product and service. Arrive Alive Parking Meters (or AAPM's) is straight forward in the sense where safety is their man priority next to selling the product. 

Team Members :
 Richard Bellack - Team members and Team name
Paul Dermody- Type of business and Why we picked this business Charles Liss- Team contract
Sean Rochefort- Action Plan and Timeline
Muhammad Alomran -Title Page

New Business Action Plan
The purpose of this memorandum is to set out the type of business we have selected, why we chose this business, identify the team members, the name of our business, our Team Action Plan, the preliminary timeline, and our Team Contract.

Team Action Plan and Preliminary Timeline

The action plan for the Arrive Alive Parking Meter will be simple and effective. After research is done to find out more about drunk driving in a particular city, we will sell our product to the city and replace normal parking meters with the Arrive Alive Parking Meter. Some behind the scene activities that need to be done for this product to work are: relationships with the city government, staff selection, relationships with suppliers, marketing materials, and any other emergency plans. Some front stage activities (what the customers see) that need to be done are instructions for the product, and any materials needed to use the Arrive Alive Parking Meter. The geographical location of our business will be located in Toronto, Canada. This is because it is Canada’s largest city and is a great market for our product. The firm’s facilities and equipment will be located in Toronto as well. Facilities and equipment that will be needed for our company are: a facility to make our product, materials to build the product as well as a means of transporting our product to the buyer. The product will be purchased from a manufacturer and sold to our customers. The preliminary timeline for our firm will be to complete the following goals: conduct business research, Pitch and Sell our product to city governments, and finally to install the Arrive Alive Parking Meter. The timeline for these goals is subject to change as we move forward and implement our company and product.

Type of business
The business we selected is a parking meter that tests the blood alcohol levels through a breathalyzer of the drivers to reduce the risk of drunk drivers. It works like any other parking meter. First the customer will go up to the meter, input their license plate number and any additional information that it asks for. After doing so, the customer will put their keys into the lock box that is issued. After that, the meter will issue the customer a ticket, which has a bar code that the machine reads, along with the date and time, the location at which they parked at. Then on return after their outing, they must insert the ticket into the ticket reader. At that point in time the machine will issue them a plastic mouth piece, and are asked to blow into the breathalyzer to check their blood alcohol level to make sure that they are in the proper condition to drive. If the driver is at a legal limit to drive, they are re-issued their keys by the parking meter. If they blow over the legal limit, their keys are kept in the lock box until they are at a legal limit to drive, and would have to come back at a later time to pick them up when they are not intoxicated. For how many hours their keys are kept is how much they are charged.

Why we chose this business...
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