Arithmetic Mean and Sample

Topics: Arithmetic mean, Standard deviation, Median Pages: 4 (1709 words) Published: December 15, 2010

1. In general, a …………… is a number describing some aspect of a population. a. Sample. b. Parameter. c. Inference. d. Correction factor. 2. a. b. c. d. A sample quantity that serves to estimate an unknown parameter from a population is called: An equivalence. An estimator. An inference. An hypothesis test.

3. A sample may be drawn to: a. Save needless waste of time, money, and effort. b. Discover facts about a population. c. Make inferences about a parameter. d. All of the above. 4. The measure of central tendency which is sensitive to extreme scores on the higher or lower end of a distribution is the: a. median. b. mean. c. mode. d. all of the above e. none of the above 5. A large mass of data can best be summarized pictorially by means of: a. the range b. a histogram c. the frequency table d. the variance 6. Any characteristic of a population distribution may properly be referred to as a: a. standard deviation. b. raw score. c. standard score. d. standard error. e. parameter. 7. A distribution of 6 scores has a median of 21. If the highest score increases 3 points, the median will become ___________. a. 21 b. 21.5 c. 24 d. Cannot be determined without additional information. e. none of these 8. A population is:

a. a number or measurement collected as a result of observation b. a subset of a population c. a characteristic of a population which is measurable d. a complete set of individuals, objects, or measurements having some common observable characteristics e. none of these 9. Which of the following describes a "statistical inference"? a. A true statement about a population made by measuring some sample of that population. b. A conjecture about a population made by measuring some sample of that population. c. A true statement about a sample made by measuring some population. d. A conjecture about a sample made by measuring some population. e. A true statement about a sample made by measuring the entire population....
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