Arithmetic Mean and Program

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Write which populates an array with integer values read from a file. The program must take the items in the array and reverse them. You may use one array only to solve this problem. Write a program that array and determine how many times each integer was generated. Use a second array of size 101 to keep track of the number of times each integer was generated. Initialize each item in the second array to 0. For each item in the first array, use it as the index into the second array and increment the contents found in the second array at the corresponding index. Note: for this problem we are willing to trade memory efficiency (the second array is mostly unused) for time efficiency. 9 on p. 448 of your Hanly & Koffman Problem Solving and Program Design in C text. Write an interactive program that plays a game of hangman. Store the word to be guessed in successive elements of an array of individual characters called word (note: this is not a string!). The player must guess the letters belonging to word. The use another array, guessed, to keep track of the solution so far. Initialize all elements of guessed to the '*' symbol. Each time a letter in word is guessed, replace the corresponding '*' in guessed with that letter.

Programming Projects 1. The results of a true-false exam given to a computer science class has been coded for input to a program. The information available for each student consists of a student identification number and the student's answers to ten true-false questions. The available data are as follows: 2. Student 3. identification Answer string 4. 5. 0080 FTTFTFTTFT 6. 0340 FTFTFTTTFF 7. 0341 FTTFTTTTTT 8. 0401 TTFFTFFTTT 9. 0462 TTFTTTFFTF 10.

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