Aristotle's View Of Ownership

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What Do You Own?
(Owning The Self) Is it possible that if you own a certain thing and grow to love whatever it is, it can start to own you? Could you start obsessing over it so much that it then becomes your owner? Plato said that ownership can start to become bad after a certain amount of time. Aristotle said that ownership of tangible goods helps to develop moral character. Another philosopher said that ownership extends beyond objects to include intangible objects. Sartre said that being good or very skillful at something and knowing that certain thing thoroughly means that we own it. There are obviously many different views of ownership. Something society does, is they assume ownership means just plain and simple owning a certain object.
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I’ve noticed that when some people go to their friends for their problems, their pals have trouble listening. In my opinion, one of the things that people need the most is someone who will actually listen to them. With me having this certain mindset, it makes me own this trait. A couple of my friends as well as teachers tell me that I do indeed own at listening. I always hear people out when they have something to say, and never make anybody feel like they are outspoken. It’s a good quality to have when you’re a good listener, considering it’s hard to find people out there who truly care what you have to say. It’s a very accomplishing feeling knowing that I own at something that not many other people do. It’s very apparent that I own at listening to people no matter what they have to …show more content…
Whether it comes to homework or to having a lot of places to be at once, I can always get it done when it needs to be done. When I know that I have a deadline of some sort coming up, I always try my best to get it done early so that I’m not as stressed when that deadline gets here. There are days when I have homework in like five classes, as well as a deadline in yearbook, and I’ll literally finish every single bit of it, no matter how late I have to stay up. When I see people looking really stressed and everything because of how much they have to do, most of the time they are freaking out. Somehow, I am always able to keep a positive attitude and keep my calm. Yes, there are times where I might want to pull my hair out, but I finish what needs to be done without showing a drop of emotion. Those are some reasons why I feel I ‘own’ at working under

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