Aristotle's Influence On Western Civilization

Topics: Plato, Philosophy, Aristotle, Political philosophy, Ancient Greece, Renaissance / Pages: 3 (595 words) / Published: Feb 1st, 2017
Aristotle’s Impact Throughout the centuries civilization has been constantly changing in ideas. Some noticeable changes in western civilization have been formation of polis along in new religion from Greek gods to the spread of Christianity. There were many philosophers that impacted western European society, one happens to be a man named Aristotle. Aristotle influence impacted future generations and changed views on philosophy, art, and literature. Aristotle taught his students that developing one’s virtue was key to a successful society. He believed that we needed a virtuous leader in order to rule the country. His influence on society can be seen in various centuries and across different cultures. Much of western civilization ideas were influence by Aristotle’s works and studies. He had a huge role in the development of science in today’s society. Aristotle changed the world by giving the world insight on what society should be and how …show more content…
His parents both died when Aristotle was very young. Under the care of the king Aristotle was sent to Athens to obtain a higher education. Aristotle is actually one of the students of Plato where Aristotle join Plato’s academy at age of 17. Aristotle became one of Plato greatest students, however when Plato died Aristotle did not take over his academy because his views were different from Plato’s view. He would return to his homeland and then begun teaching Alexander the Great. After Alexander became King, Aristotle re-travel back to Athens to open up his own school lyceum. The school was big success and Aristotle spent many of his remaining years there. Aristotle had one child whom he named after his father as well named one of his famous writing Nicomachean. When Alexander the Great died Aristotle was forced to leave Athens because he was charged with impiety. He would live in Chalice for the remaining years of his life and died at the age 62 in the year 322

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