Aristotle/ Children of Men Paper

Topics: Tragedy, Human, Tragic hero Pages: 4 (1414 words) Published: May 5, 2008
Children of Men, directed by Alfonso Cuaron, is a tragic sci-fi thriller that plays with the idea that in just a few years from now woman become infertile. The film opens in 2027, when the world’s youngest person has been stabbed to death because he declined to give an autograph. Theo Faron, the main tragic hero, seems to be living life waiting to die.

The story opens with Theo, watching the news in a café and then leaves with his coffee in his hand. As he stops to pour some brandy into his coffee a bomb destroys the café with everyone in it. The way that its shot gives the vibe that it’s not to unusual that a bomb goes off in a café. Britain, as the last functioning nation, has closed its borders and is engaged in a war between the establishment and a band of rebels who support immigrant rights. This group then kidnaps Theo, lead by Julian Taylor, who was once Theo’s lover and mother to a child they lost many years ago. Julian’s group, The Fishes, wants Theo’s influence to get transit papers for a refugee, Kee, so the young woman can be smuggled out of the country and to get to a rumored safe haven. Kee is the key to the future of the continual existence of the human race because she is the first woman to be pregnant in the past 18 years.

As Theo, Julian, and Kee make there way to the first border checkpoint, Julian is betrayed and killed by the Fishes because they have their there own agenda. The Fishes want to use Kee and her child as a political pawn against Britain’s government instead of worrying about the future existence of the Human Race. Theo and Kee get away from the Fishes and resort to the hospitality of Theo’s long time trusted friend Jasper. Jasper portrays what would happen to the lost generation of people that grew up in the 80’s. Living in the middle of the forest, selling marijuana to a border patrol guard that works at a relocation camp for refugees that were caught trying to get into Britain. Jasper figures out a way for Kee and Theo...
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