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Aristotle: Ethics Summary RS.4

Thesis: Aristotle is the founding father of ethics and his ideas on achieving, he tells us how we should live our lives and make our own happiness.

Aristotle is Ideas on Ethics are still wildly used in colleges today and his approach is still the springboard for resolving ethical problems and further Teleology. Aristotle aims to find the ultimate purpose of human life and to prove that life revolves around happiness and explains how to achieve it. Why do we work so hard, long hours at work, attend college? So we can have nice things, and be able to enjoy our life, be HAPPY. Aristotle says in order to achieve happiness one has to live a virtues life. Meaning a virtues person will act or do the right thing for the right reason, because doing the right thing makes us feel good. He also explains some moral issues that we face in seeking happiness such as attaining vices and moral weaknesses, by over compensating for fear with courage, this will lead people to think you are rash, is one example given. Aristotle enlightens us on how life should and could be lived in order to achieve happiness.


Teleology- Explaining natural ends to a phenomenon.

Rational/Rationalize- is both calculative and responsible decision making.

Irrational- is the growth and nutrition of both human and animals.

Justice- is observance of law in humans.

Happiness- enjoying life and living it to the fullest.

Virtue- moral excellence, which Aristotle states is a good trait to have.

Pleasure- pleased by something. Aristotle quote “Pleasure is not to be identified with the Good. Pleasure is found in the consciousness of free spontaneous action. It is an invisible experience, like vision, and is always present when a perfect organ acts upon a perfect object.”

Vice-is a bad habit or being dependent on something you shouldn’t.

1. Understand what will make you happy. Everyone has unique requirements for attaining...
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