Aristocrat Restaurant

Topics: Financial ratio, Food, Philippines Pages: 2 (358 words) Published: October 9, 2012

I. History and Founders
* Food Fit for Royalty
* Once Upon A Time
* Engracia Cruz-Reyes (Aling Asiang)
* Alexander A. Reyes
* Raymond A. Reyes
* Historical Marker
II. Products and Services
* Breakfast Choices
* Soups and Salads
* Aristocrat Classics
* Aristocrat Favorites
* Dessert and Beverages
* Sandwich and Merienda Favorites
* Group Meals
* Cakes (Aristocrat Bakeshop)
* Parties and Catering Services
* Kiddie Party Packages
* Weddings and Debuts Packages
III. Position in the Market
* Top 15 Restaurants in Manila
IV. Financial Performance
* Statement of Financial Position
* Income Statement
* Horizontal Analysis
* Vertical Analysis (Financial Ratios)
* Liquidity Ratio
* Stability/Leverage Ratios
* Debt to Asset Ratio
* Debt to Equity/Capitalization Ratio
* Profitability Ratio
* Return on Assets Ratio
* Return on Equity Ratio
* Basic Earning Power Ratio
V. Conclusion and Recommendation

Many of the most well-loved fairy tales revolve around the plight of common men and women who, by lots of virtue and plenty of luck, climb out of poverty reaching goals once thought unachievable. Such is the story of Alex and Engracia “Aling Asiang” Reyes, a simple hardworking couple whose small venture into the restaurant business 75 years ago allowed them to prevail over hardship and forever etched an indelible icon in the Filipino food industry – The Aristocrat.

1928 - Cruz-Reyes set up in 1928 a small carinderia at Calle de Marques de Comillas in Ermita, Manila. 1930s - Cruz-Reyes was selling adobo sandwiches at the Luneta out of a car loaned to her by a future son-in-law. Her reputation as a cook had also grown due to the home dinners she had cooked for many of the leading political figures of the day, friends of her now-prominent husband....
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