Arikara Tribe

Topics: Mandan, Arikara, South Dakota Pages: 2 (474 words) Published: November 27, 2012
one of the more quiet tribes was the arikara(uh-RIH-kuh-rah) tribe. the arikara trie used to hold around 30,000 arikara and than was left with 2,000 after smallpox. they lived in relatively simple homes and their lives were also relatively simple. ttheir dress, what anyone could expect. although simple the arikara were very complex in some sort.

the fashion of the arikara was mostly dependant on the season. usually the women wore deer skin dresses that were white. the men usually wore breech cloths, leggings, and a buckskin shirt. during the winter the men wore bearskin robes and moccasins. the women in the winter would switch from deerskin to antelope skin and mocassins. aside from their clothes, both the men and woman had roles. for instance, the men did the hunting and the occasional fight to protect their family.the women farmed, cleaned, did the child care, and gathered food like berries. the arikara were a well structured tribe when it came to duties.

most arikara people originated in north and south dakota. now most of them, the ones that are alive, stayed and still live in north dakota. in the beginning every tribe lived off on their own. soonafter, smallpox came and wiped out many of the arikara, they then became kno as the three affiliated tribes. the three affiliated tribes were the arikara, the mandan, and the hidatsa. shortly after they became the three affiliated tribes lewis and clark discovered the tribe.

in october of 04 as in 1804 lewis and clark moved westward on their voyage and came to find dakota. at the time there was very little arikara to meet. most of the tribe had been wiped out from the smallpox and most who survived were just getting over smallpox. lewis and clark found three arikara villages scattered alond a three mile distance. the first of them were pretty much abandoned, the explorers came to find wooden frames with paked earth walls and a dome celing. patrick gass was a former carpenter on the expidetion and...
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