Ariel Case

Topics: Marketing, Advertising, Decision making Pages: 4 (655 words) Published: March 21, 2013
Segment of Detergent : Ariel (Washing Powder)

Selection of target Group for Ariel : Families

Preference for Selection: Less competition, high customer base, resulting in high business opportunity and growth.

In the following case of Ariel when the product was launched, there was a Perception amongst customers that the detergent cake would give better whiteness. HUL and Nirma were the leading brands and competitors of Ariel.

When Ariel entered the market the researchers believed that Ariel will be successful because of its extensive formula. It is a low risk involvement product.

But because of its competitors ariel had to advertise its product relating it to the Indian household.

Consumer here behaves as a Value Maximize, not just a problem solver.

Various Problems that influenced the consumer buying behavior were :

1) The family values.
2) Habit of using a particular brand.
3) Dominance of mother in law .
4) Price of the product

Product Differentiation: Consumer might feel buying the product that is unnecessarily differentiated, or its distinctive features do not add much value to consumer lifestyle or status.

Conspicuous: this is the risk related with social aspects. What society might perceive is the risk of consumer.

Psychological: this risk is associated with consumer’s own personality. Whether the detergent will be value for money.

All these risks would lead the consumer seriously involved in Ariel buying decison. And thus, he would follow “Cautious Buying behavior” for buying Ariel.

The decision making process would therefore involve all the necessary steps, emphasizing on each step separately. Marketing strategies for each step are significant to ponder on.


Need recognition for the TG selected for Ariel would be automatic. All families who want to see there clothes to be the most cleanly washed and without much effort. Therefore, the problems that Van would solve are:

• The...
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