Arhuna and Ravana

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Essay Comparing Arjuna and Rama

Chris Brownlee
World Lit.

In the Indian epics the Bhagavad-Gita translated by Barbara Stoler-Miller and the Ramayana translated by R.K. Narayan there are two heroes, both faced with difficult decisions that at times completely contradict the hero's Dharma, or spiritual duty. The two heroes', Arjuna Rama are forced to deal with their difficulties in separate but not unlike ways.

In the Bhagavad-Gita, Arjuna has trouble fighting his friends and family to fulfill his dharma. His dharma says he must fight the people he loves to regain his rightful position. Arjuna is not sure he can fight his archery teacher and his Great Uncle because he should be respecting them instead of killing them. The following quote shows just how concerned he was. "Krishna, how can I fight against Bhishma and Drohma with arrows when they deserve my worship?" (Stanza 4 pg. 469) Rama too experiences a great deal of self-doubt about whether or not he will be capable of defeating Ravana and saving his wife Sita.

Both Rama and Arjuna had their concerns, which were most valid. As evidenced by this quote from Rama. " Matali, it may be that the Rakshasas have created this illusion for me. It may be a trap I don't know how to view it." (Paragraph 6 pg. 487) Rama must've been very worried when he could not accept a flying chariot as a gift. Rama was also provided magical weapons called Asthras to fight Ravana. Arjuna had a mental dispute to work out, so, as opposed to weapons from the gods they gave him advice from a mortal form of Krishna. This goes to show that both Hero's got divine aid.

Arjuna and Rama ultimately solve their problems in different yet, successful ways. Arjuna convinced by Krishna's advice as follows defeats his enemy. "This is the place of the infinite spirit; achieving it, one is freed delusion; abiding in it even at the time of death, one finds the pure calm of infinity." (Stanza 72 Pg. 475) These words help Arjuna to...
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