Arguments for the New National Hockey League Rules

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Arguments for the New National Hockey League Rules

On July 22, 2005, the National Hockey League Board of Governors approved a number of changes to the rules of the National Hockey League (NHL). These rule changes were imposed to place a purposeful need on the League to emphasize competition, players’ skills, and an entertainment value to the game of ice hockey. These changes were reported, formulated, and brought to the Board of Governors by a Competition Committee. The Competition Committee was comprised of four general managers, four hockey players, and one owner. The general managers chosen were: Don Waddell of Atlanta, Kevin Lowe of Edmonton, Bob Gainey of Montreal, and David Poile of Nashville. The NHL players on the committee were Brendan Shanahan of the Detroit Red Wings, Jarome Iginla of the Calgary Flames, Rob Blake of the Colorado Avalanche, and Trevor Linden of the Vancouver Canucks. In addition, the single team owner chosen for the committee was Ed Snider of the Philadelphia Flyers.

The following are the points of interest where the rules have been changed: •Dimensions of the Rink
Fewer Stoppages, Increased “Flow”
Instigator Rule
Limits on Goaltenders
Officiating Points of Emphasis
Unsportsmanlike Conduct
Each of these rule changes has its own layers, changes, and reason for change. There are many NHL players and fans with varying opinions. Therefore there are many different opinions and views on the subject to consider for this argument. My arguments will overview the changes in the following points or rules: Limits on Goaltenders, the Shootout Rule, and Fewer Stoppages, Increased “Flow”.

The rule changes that went into effect for the 2005-2006 NHL season for Limits on Goaltenders also included a goaltender’s equipment. Under the new rule, a goaltender’s equipment, such as the blocking glove, upper-body protector, and protective pants will be reduced by more than 10 percent, and leg pads cannot exceed 11...
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