Arguments For and Against Capital Punishment

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Capital punishment
Capital punishment is also referred to as the death penalty. This punishment is meted out on prisoners who commit very serious crimes such as murder. Death penalty has stirred up a lot of debate with some people opposing it and others been in support of it. Most countries tend to use the option of life sentence instead of the death penalty. What if such murderers placed on life sentence broke out of prisons and went after the family of the victim? Although innocent people have faced the death penalty, advances in technology nowadays reduce such chances and hence purposes of the death sentence are maintained. Discussion

One of the benefits of the death penalty is deterrence. Punishment has always been used in order to discourage potential criminals from any activity which is unlawful. Murder is a very great crime and hence society should has the right to use very strong punishment (death penalty) to deter would be criminals. This instills a sense of fear to potential murderers. This is because all human beings fear death above everything else. Studies and analysis conducted reveal that the death penalty can indeed deter murder. Swift and efficient punishment methods such as the death penalty are the most likely to lead to deterrence. Death penalty does not only deter potential murderers but it also deters prisoners form committing crime (Siegel 512).

Arguments against the deterrent effects of the death penalty are that the studies which have been conducted are not conclusive. Studies that have been conducted reveal that the death penalty has the same deterrent effects as life imprisonment. William Bowers who is a criminologist at Northeastern University claims that the death penalty tends to have the opposite effects. This is because society tends to feel brutalized by it and hence increasing the chances of committing murder (Siegel 514).

The inconclusiveness of studies regarding the death...
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