Arguments Against Internationalism

Topics: United States, Poverty, Economic inequality, Economics, Wealth, Tax / Pages: 3 (566 words) / Published: Jun 5th, 2017
To what extent should internationalism be pursued, this is one of the most controversial questions of our government and the world today. Internationalism should be pursued to the fullest extent for many different reasons, some of them being fair spread of economic wealth around the world and to prevent wars over governmental issues like communism and democracy. Some people argue against internationalism, their argument being certain parts of the world are being used for outsourcing, but we will argue why that is not a valid point.

America is a very large country, third largest for ara to be exact but it surprisingly only houses 4.67% of the world's population while India the second biggest country population wise house 16.78 percent of the world's population. This all fine until we look at hous much of the world's overall wealth these countries have, America having 25.40% of the world's wealth and India having only 4.14% of the world's wealth. If we take a look at these numbers we start to understand how this isn't very fair, 22% of India's population is considered to be living in poverty, that is three
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Around 68% of American consumer companies outsource right now so that brings up the question what world do we live in right now? Nationalistic, all separately governed countries are only worried about themselves so how can it be argued that internationalism will increase that when the whole idea of internationalism is that no other country can put themselves above another so the role of factories and producing would also be shared. Also every country would have to be regulated under the same labor laws if we were full on internationalistic, so there wouldn't be no unsafe working conditions and there would be a fair minimum wage set for everyone around the

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