Arguments Against Helmet

Topics: Automobile, Mobile phone, Motorcycle, Tram accident, Driving, Vehicle / Pages: 2 (353 words) / Published: Apr 18th, 2016
Motorcycle helmets save lives by protecting the head against injury in an accident. People who dislike the feel of wearing a helmet, often justify themselves with arguments that refute established knowledge about the safety benefits of helmets. This established knowledge is based on testing and statistical studies covering decades of helmet use. Over time, some of these arguments against using helmets become popular myths. Here are three of them:

A Helmet Is Too Thin to Protect against the Forces of a High-Speed Impact

This is true in the sense that a helmet won't protect someone impacting a vertical wall head first at highway speeds. Even if the helmet did protect the person's head, the rest of his body such as his neck, back, and internal

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