Arguments against Corporate Social Responsibilities

Pages: 1 (267 words) Published: January 18, 2014
Arguments against Corporate Social Responsibilities.
As we have seen there are a lot of advantages of using Corporate Social Responsibilities, however there are points of view that CSR makes negative affect on the company. We will try to explain main disadvantages about CSR below. Some companies are using CSR, only because they want to show the seriousness of the business and care about service or product that they produce, but in fact they not really carrying about the way the product come to the customer. Thus, companies using CSR only to make a good advertising. Another disadvantage is that companies spending money to create CSR policy, which will bring social and moral benefits, but in the first place for the company should be earning the profit for its owner. When the company has sustainability it can spend money for things such as CSR, moreover it should be companies with a good budget and include more than hundred employees. Moreover, all people in business companies except those who are working in hospitality industry are more prepared to work in economic, market and technology spheres, but they do not have enough experience and skill yet to deal with humans problems. To sum up, the idea of CSR as any other idea has it supporters and those who argue against it. Companies should decide by themselves if they want to follow this policy or not, but we believe

we can say that for some companies CSR could be a big benefit to create a profitable business, but on the other hand it can destroy company because of lack of money.
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